Smartphone use BILBAO

Given by Nora Arrieta, a specialised teacher, the Euskaltel Konekta Foundation is offering basic courses on using smartphones, which with a duration of two half-day sessions seeks to help older people to face the world of new technologies. As a result, we offer a very simple, short and free of charge basic courses to learn how to use the essential functions of a mobile phone, PC and tablet.

Based on our experience, we have realised that today there is a real need to offer minimal training in new technologies to older people or in general those who want to learn how to use new technologies, but who do not do so due to fear and lack of knowledge. It is a basic and fundamental course to start learning how to use a smartphone. It follows a methodology specially designed for older people.

Using a very simple and easily understandable language, analogies with which they can understand the most abstract concepts without any problems, and a methodology that makes them feel capable of using new technologies, overcoming that fear we all have of unknown devices.

They are useful and entertaining classes. It is important to make the class as entertaining as possible for the pupils, particularly when dealing with older people for whom many of the terms and concepts are entirely unknown and complicated. We focus on purely practical elements, without going into technical terms.

The result is that the pupils learn the basic functions of their devices, which can bring them closer to friends and family, with very high ratings among those who have attended the course.