About us

"Euskaltel Konekta" is the foundation through which Euskaltel connects with society, with individuals and with their ideas. Its mission is to help create and promote links between individuals, companies and initiatives in the context of the use of ICT.

"Euskaltel Konekta" operates with four strategic objectives:

1 To promote the relationship of young people with ICT.
2 To have a presence in Basque society (individuals and companies).
2 To be a leader in the ICT sector in the Basque Country.
4 To project the image of a global presence inside and outside the Basque Country.

These objectives are translated into actions aimed at different groups: customers, companies, employees, entrepreneurs, university students and NGOs, among others.

The Board of Trustees of the Foundation, the governing body and the administration of the same is constituted by the members of the Board of Directors of Euskaltel S.A. The position of trustee is unpaid.

  • D. Alberto García Erauzkin.
  • D. Francisco Manuel Arteche Fernández Miranda.
  • D. José Ángel Corres Abasolo.
  • Kartera 1 S.L. representada por
    Dña. Alicia Vivanco González.
  • D. Luis Ramón Arrieta Durana.
  • Corporación Financiera Alba S.A. representada por
    D. Javier Fernández Alonso.
  • D. Robert W. Samuelson.
  • Dña. Belén Amatriain Corbi.
  • D. Iñaki Alzaga Etxeita.
  • Dña. Elisabetta Castiglioni.
  • D. Miguel Ángel Lujua Murga.
  • D. Jon James.