Buber Sariak 2019 and Datorrena 2020

Every year there is a new edition of the Internet & Euskadi Buber Awards, promoted by the Internet & Euskadi Association. This aim of this association is to defend the general interests of the public in relation to the information society, i.e. to prioritise what interests us all as members of society.

In the contest, prizes are given for the best Basque technological projects, providing awards for projects in Basque, open source software, social and honorific projects, gastronomy and tourism, citizen participation, agricultural sector, machine tool sector, innovation, internationalisation and business or trade.

Website: http://buber.interneteuskadi.org/web

2019 Edition

Bind 4.0

Bind 4.0 began in 2016 as a point of encounter between both national and international innovation start-ups and large companies. It represents a chance to promote the digital transformation of industry while accelerating the consolidation of innovative initiatives through real projects with reference clients.

Website: https://bind40.com

January 2019 - Third Edition

September 2019 - Fourth Edition

F2P Campus

F2P Campus Vitoria-Gasteiz is an initiative promoted by the Basque Government, the Regional Council of Álava and the Municipality of Vitoria-Gasteiz under the coordination of BIC Araba. This edition also has significant private backing, such as that of the Euskaltel Foundation, the Vital Foundation, ENTI, the University School of Videogames connected to the University of Barcelona, or Amazon, among other sponsors.

Website: https://www.f2pcampus.com/

2019 - Second Edition

Deia Digital Encounters

The Deia Digital Encounters are being held to award the best initiatives in digital media. Persons, companies and entities devoted to the “personal brand” among renowned bloggers, instagrammers, twitter community members, community managers and youtubers are awarded.

Website: https://www.deia.eus

2018 - 6th Edition