Every year there is a new edition of the Internet & Euskadi Buber Awards, promoted by the Internet & Euskadi Association. This aim of this association is to defend the general interests of the public in relation to the information society, i.e. to prioritise what interests us all as members of society.

In the contest, prizes are given for the best Basque technological projects, providing awards for projects in Basque, open source software, social and honorific projects, gastronomy and tourism, citizen participation, agricultural sector, machine tool sector, innovation, internationalisation and business or trade.

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KBi Digital Bilbao-Bizkaia is the new advanced incubator for the digital economy located in the of Auzo Factory Irazabal-Matiko building in Uribarri. It occupies an area of 1000 square metres, spread over five floors.

The Provincial Council of Biscay and the City Council of Bilbao, aware of the value of the digital economy and its potential for future development, have promoted this initiative specialising in digital entrepreneurship in the Basque Country, aimed at entrepreneurial people, start-ups, professionals and innovative companies. It was created with the aim of being an international benchmark in applications for mobile phones, television, video games and the production of digital content.

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