First Lego League

First Lego League (FLL) is the first international robotics tournament organised in the Basque Country by Innobasque and Euskaltel. This initiative was created in 1998 and has been developed for years in various countries. It is celebrated simultaneously around the world and is an excellent tool to motivate young people and contribute to them enjoying and having fun with science and technology, thus promoting values of innovation and creativity.

In 2009, Euskaltel began to collaborate with the First Lego League, an international robotics competition in a sports format already being held internationally, which we decided to bring to Euskadi. Why? Because it was a way of motivating the youth to work and have fun with science and technology, and because it promoted values such as innovation and creativity, teamwork, and analytical thinking. And who does not advocate these values?

Euskaltel played host and headquarters. We also wanted to get involved this way because it was also a means to bringing the company closer to training, innovation and values that we assume as a company, shared by our people (employees). In this first year, 700 people came to Euskaltel, counting participants, volunteers and the general public, in support for the 170 children aged 10 to 16 who participated, in 20 teams from 11 educational centers. We opened our doors and workspaces to the public, and our high-speed network to the young talents and their families… our auditorium became the robot operations test bench… It was a party.

“Since the first edition, the Euskaltel Foundation has shared the same values with the First Lego League: Innovation, Creativity and Teamwork. Our people identify with these concepts because they live them from day to day. These are the values that drive us to offer the market the most advanced products and services in telecommunications”

“We are proud of having managed to bring the youth closer to the new technologies and having contributed to promoting vocations in this field, together with Innobasque”


GameGune eSports

Gamegune is the oldest eSports competition in Euskadi, a reference event for the gaming community, organized by Euskaltel Konekta Foundation.

In June 2019, we began to broadcast live TV programs over Twitch, a platform offering live videogame streaming services.