Telefono de la esperanza INTERNATIONAL

The Teléfono de la Esperanza [Telephone of Hope] aims to help improve the emotional health of people, by providing a free and skilled service for the general public to help them overcome their problems.

As we are aware of the importance of prevention, we have also set up “preventive help networks” which stress the importance of caring for our emotional health through courses, workshops, self-help and training groups, seminars, conferences, etc., and which encourage people to have a fulfilling relationship with themselves and with the people that surround them.

The Teléfono de la Esperanza also provides specific training for those people who are strongly motivated to helped other human beings suffering from emotional crisis and who want to develop their abilities and skills to help others. Our goal is, therefore, to help people train to help others.

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Tele-marathon BILBAO

For the last decade, Euskaltel has worked in collaboration with EiTB's Maratón Solidario (Charity Marathon) for research against major diseases, providing a considerable amount of money raised through the sale of charity calendars. This collaboration is one of the most cherished initiatives with the greatest response in the area of responsibility actions undertaken by people within the organisation.

Every year, in response to a call for charity, our employees produce a calendar with pictures which they have either taken themselves or feature in. They put their imaginations to the service of a cause, with the enthusiasm of the people and assumption of values shared by everyone on a daily basis being the ingredients of the calendar.

For us it is a unique opportunity to collaborate with an initiative that fully responds to our philosophy of social responsibility.

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Avaim is the Basque association for helping abused children and, together with the Federation of Associations for the Prevention of Child Abuse (FAPMI), it takes part at the International Congress on Child Abuse. More than 400 professionals and academics from Spain, Europe, Latin America and the United States, and representatives from the United Nations and the Committee on the Rights of the Child come together to discuss the situation of child abuse.

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Etorkintza BILBAO

Euskaltel cooperates with the Etorkintza Foundation. This is a private, non-profit institution, founded in 1984 in Bilbao, which is dedicated to helping people who are at risk, with problems of addiction, mental health and social exclusion. Their reference is to improve the quality of life of these people.

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Sentimientos de cristal BILBAO

Euskaltel collaborates with the Sentimientos de Cristal association, which was created from an association of intense feelings where fragility and hardness go together. One of its principles is help people both physically and emotionally, trying not to prioritise one over the other. It also aims to unite all kinds of people and conditions, from any place, from any idea, from any status, with or without physical problems, emotional problems...

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Euskaltel collaborates with Fevas, the Basque Federation of Associations for People with Intellectual Disabilities. Its work is focused on improving the support and opportunities for these people and their families, so as to obtain a more inclusive, fair and caring society in which everyone can develop their projects to improve the quality of life.

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Aspanovas DERIO

On 16 March, at the assembly hall of Euskaltel, the presentation of the story “Ramiro es un Héroe” (“Ramiro is a Hero”) took place.

“Ramiro es un Héroe” is a children’s story that, in addition to being entertaining, conveys important values such as hope, comradeship and the ill to overcome adversities.

It is a story published by Aspanion, based on an original idea by Zingular and with the sponsorship of several companies, the profits of which will be destined to financing projects of the Association of Parents of children with Cancer (ASPANION).

Its goals are:
- To raise awareness among children and adults about the importance of being strong and optimistic, to have hope and to overcome adversity.
- To offer a basic and specific idea of children’s cancer to children.
- To raise funds for support programmes for the Association.
- To publicise the social commitment of the collaborating companies.

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