Scratch Eguna BILBAO

Scratch Day 2018 was held on Saturday on the esplanade of the Maritime Museum of Bilbao. This year marks the 8th anniversary of the start of this initiative, and Scratch can be said to be enjoying good health because this year saw the enrolment of a total of 156 children in 26 teams from 20 different schools in the public school and direct-grant school networks.

This was the first year that Scratch Day was held outdoors, but unfortunately the weather did not help because it drizzled throughout the morning. But thanks to the marquees put up by the organisation with the help of Bilbao Ekintza and the excellent mood displayed by the Scratchers themselves, the event took place in a perfectly normal way. Euskaltel also collaborated by providing a powerful WiFi connection that enabled us to open the projects using Scratch 2.0.

There was a tremendous atmosphere not only among the participants but also among the facilitators, families, collaborators and people in charge at the Maritime Museum.

The teams submitted some really interesting, exciting projects, in many cases meeting highly complex challenges. In addition to all this, inside the Maritime Museum itself we had the chance to enjoy the activities run by our friends from Dronak and Bilbo Makers.

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Fundación Sabino Arana BILBAO

Every year, the Sabino Arana Foundation organises a seminar on the Internet and social networks for Euskaltel, which is becoming ever more successful in terms of attendance. The objective of these sessions, which are held over two days, is for communication experts to advise and respond to queries from young students on what is good and future opportunities that can be found on the net, but also on potential dangers.

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