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Araba Encounter 04
December 16-18, Vitoria-Gasteiz

Activities about digital creativity, hardware, free software, games and others.

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Euskaltel Konekta with

INDIVIDUALS, COMPANIES and INITIATIVES to promote and develop new projects in the context of information and communication technologies.

Recent activities

Buber awards

Innova Bilbao has established itself as one of the competitions with the most vitality in the digital sphere..

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Euskaltel Foundation. Smartphone use

Smartphone use
Corporate Volunteers

Given by Nora Arrieta, a specialised teacher, the Euskaltel Konekta Foundation is offering basic courses on using smartphones.

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Euskal Encounter
Innovation and Technology

As happens every year, the great event that draws a massive audience enthusiastic about IT and the new technologies repeats itself.

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Women in progress
Innovation & Technology

One of the big problems we currently have is the gender gap in technological professions.

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First Lego League

An excellent tool to motivate young people and contribute to them enjoying and having fun with science and technology, thus promoting values of innovation and creativity.

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BBK Live

Thank to the sponsorship of Euskaltel (among others), the XI Bilbao BBK Live was held in Kobetamendi, Bilbao.

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